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Gifts for globetrotters

Know someone who loves to travel, or loves the great outdoors? With Christmas just around the corner, we check out some excellent gift ideas for the globetrotter in your life

MPOWERD Luci solar lantern   $24.99

These inflatable plastic lanterns have a solar panel that charges during daylight to provide up to 12 hours of bright light after dark. The lanterns are a practical and attractive design – the cylindrical shape means they can stand on a table or be hung up from a branch or the top of the tent. There are several options to choose from – we particularly love the Aura, a colour changing party light which can be fixed in any one of eight different colour modes (including plain white which is bright enough to read in) or set to change colour at random. The red setting on this light is particularly useful, as red spectrum lights are said to be less attractive to bugs. Great for campers.

Growers Cup Coffee Pouch   £1.50

Getting a cup of “real” coffee when camping or staying in hotels can be a challenge. Coffee making equipment is usually bulky to travel with, and hard to wash up. These coffee pouches from Growers Cup are lightweight and have a built in filter system. Simply pour in hot water, leave to brew for a few minutes, and pour. Each pouch produces enough superbly flavoured coffee for two people to enjoy. The coffee is fair trade and sustainably produced too – so you know you’re getting an ethical brew. Great for coffee lovers.

Wild Card Games Backpacker   £9.99

Making a welcome and pleasant change from rummy, backgammon or chess, Backpacker is a sociable card game that’s the perfect size to take travelling – and is actually about travelling. The game features a range of real-life backpacking scenarios such as missing a plane, spotting indigenous wildlife or spending time at the beach. In the game you get to travel all around the world, taking as many photos as possible – the player with the most photos at the end of the game wins. Suitable for armchair travelers, families with older children… and, of course, backpackers. Great for long journeys.

Alistair Humphries Microadventures   £16.99

“Climb a hill, jump in a river, sleep under the stars. Try it. What’s the worst that can happen?”

Compellingly written, beautifully illustrated and immensely inspiring – Microadventures makes the point that you don’t have to visit a far-flung, exotic location or engage in an extreme sport to have an adventure. In fact, many small adventures can be had right on your doorstep – and they needn’t cost a fortune, either. From building a wild shelter and sleeping in it to heading to a Dark Sky location to cook dinner under the stars, Microadventures offers dozens of ideas for easily-achievable adventures that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Alistair’s own experiences of microadventures take place in the UK – but you can create your own adventure anywhere, and the book is peppered with hints and tips to help you do just that. Great for adventures in the great outdoors.

Lakeland Adaptor wraps   £5.58

If, like us, you find that your camera, phone and tablet chargers end up in a tangled mess at the bottom of your backpack then these nifty little gadgets could be a godsend. Plug your charger into the strong plastic socket, wind the cable around and secure. The adaptor wraps are colour-coded too, so you’ll be able to find the charger you need quickly and easily. Great for getting organized.

Mapominoes   £9.99

We’ve all heard of dominoes, but this is Mapominoes – a game in which you connect countries that share a common border, testing (and improving) your knowledge of global geography as you play. Unlike dominoes, you can use strategic tactics to win: hang onto the France or Germany card, for example, to decrease the options for your opponents. Even younger children can join in with the game: the cards are designed so that you don’t need excellent geographical knowledge to win – but every time you play your understanding of the world will improve. Six different editions are available: UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Australasia, Africa and Americas. Great for kids.

The Green Sock Shop Wasdale Walker boot socks   £8.95

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without socks – but far from being boring, these warm, thick walking socks are a luxurious treat for your feet. They are possibly the most comfortable socks we have ever owned – the cushioned comfort makes them a real pleasure to wear. They’re also hard-wearing and breathable. Great for hikers.

Contemporary Energy The Amazing Solar Kettle   £35

Going off grid needn’t mean you have to go without your daily caffeine fix. The Solar Kettle is a heat-retaining flask with ingenious fold-out solar panels to harness the power of the sun. There’s a built-in thermometer so you can monitor the progress of your cuppa – water needs to be at 90ºC to make a hot drink. Depending on weather conditions, and where in the world you are, this can take up to two hours – but position it outside your tent the night before and you should wake up to a flask full of hot water. Once the water has reached the correct temperature, you can fold in the panels and the flask will keep the water hot for hours. Great for wild camping.

Wild Card Games Who Knows Where   £29

This award-winning fast-paced game from Wild Card Games is fantastic for testing the whole family’s geographical knowledge. Unlike other board games where players have to wait to take their turn, with Who Knows Where, everyone can answer every question – making it fun and exciting even for younger children. It’s very educational too – learn about capital cities and famous landmarks as you race around the world. Quick to play and simple to learn, and with a unique double-sided board, you can tailor the game to suit the needs, skills and experience of all the players. Great for travelling families.

The Glow Company Mystical fire   £6.96

Add a little magic to your campfire with Mystical Fire! Throw a packet onto any wood burning fire and watch as the flames flicker blue, red orange and green. The beautiful colours will continue to change for up to an hour, even if you add more wood. Great for celebrations.

Green Adventures November 2015