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Lorraine Ansell

Nick Crane is owner of Simien Lodge in Ethiopia. This is currently the only lodge in the Simien National Park and is the highest hotel in Africa at 3260m. Nick has a passion for preserving the Simien Mountains, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. When not in the Simiens, Nick lives in France and breeds ducks. Twitter @nickcran.

Nick Crane

James Dyson is a British journalist and communications consultant based in Madrid, Spain. At Dyson Communications he blogs on events, and offers communication tips and advice. His Spanish-language blog Teosiesta focuses on the similarities and differences between British and Spanish society and culture.

James Dyson

Lorraine Ansell is an experienced bilingual voiceover artist showcasing British (Received Pronunciation) and Spanish (Latin American) voices. Lorraine focuses on bringing scripts to life to engage the target audience, and delivering a professional sound. She works with a home studio, skype and ipDTL, and is based in and around London, UK. Loves to travel, eat and speak! Twitter @LAvoiceart

James Scipioni is Founder of Go Barefoot Travel, which develops and promotes tailor-made travel experiences that support environmental protection, cultural preservation, and sustainable development. James is also involved in the climate change and conservation sector, and supports several social entrepreneurship initiatives.

Twitter @TheBarefootWay

James Scipioni

Midlands-born Jay Collier is an honorary Peaklander of some 40 years’ standing. She writes about the quirks of local history, both at home and overseas, for local and national publications, and has worked as a freelance television researcher. She wrote the narrative for a Peak District website, and has been featured on numerous radio broadcasts.

Jay Collier

Ken Dykes (1936-2015) had 40 years' experience as a journalist and was former editor of the Andover Advertiser newspaper in Hampshire, UK. A keen ornithologist and naturalist, he wrote articles about wildlife for a range of UK magazines. He is the author of two books, Country Capers and Joby’s War.

In memory of Ken Dykes

Ken Dykes

Penny Frederiksen lives in rural Australia. She writes for online women’s magazine, Glam Today Magazine, and is a regular contributor for publications in Russia, SE Asia and the UK. Penny’s independent, solo travel takes her to exotic locations, showing other women that with planning and confidence, they can travel on their own. Twitter @Pennytrvlwriter   

Penny Frederiksen

Tom Marshall has worked in the environmental sector for more than 10 years, including with RSPB Scotland and The Wildlife Trusts. A freelance nature and conservation photographer, Tom has captured high-profile campaigns, and ranks photographing Sir David Attenborough as a career highlight. Tom is Business Development Manager at Yorkshire Nature Triangle.

Tom Marshall

Alan Watson Featherstone is an acclaimed conservationist, and is Founder of Trees for Life, one of Scotland's leading conservation charities. He writes a popular blog on the Trees for Life website. Alan has won many awards for his environmental work, including an alternative New Year's honour by The Guardian newspaper in a celebration of the heroes of 2015.

Alan Watson Featherstone

Sally Mosley is passionate about the UK’s Peak District and passes on her vast local knowledge through award-winning guided walks, talks and writing. She has written for the Peak Advertiser newspaper for more than 25 years and is the walks feature writer for Derbyshire Life & Countryside magazine.


Sally Mosley

Victoria Lownes is an environmental consultant with a keen interest in the environment and sustainability. She often gets involved in voluntary conservation work in the UK and abroad. She lives in London and enjoys travelling, keeping fit and spending time with friends and family.

Victoria Lownes

John Ford is a quadrilinguist, rugby nut, rock music fan and a passionate advocate of nature and conservation. He has taught modern foreign languages for over 20 years and has now made the transition to becoming an acclaimed and innovative fantasy author, with two novels published and more in the pipeline.

Calum Hudson is the middle brother of the Wild Swimming Brothers – three brothers raised in the Cumbrian outback who together promote wild swimming, conservation and the connection between the arts and the natural world.

Calum Hudson

Calum graduated from the University of Durham with a degree in Law, and is no stranger to the UK's Iron Man, Celt Man and The Brutal extreme triathlons.

Cheryl Talbert is a retired forester and  'science nerd' who lives in the foothills of the Cascade mountains in Washington state, USA, and teaches outdoor skills and leads outdoor adventures for the local non-profit Mountaineers club. She takes groups trekking on trails and high peaks, and writes at and

Anke Winchenbach works as a sustainability consultant and trainer at NEF Consulting, supporting organisations in the journey towards a sustainable economy. Anke is also working towards a PhD in Tourism & Hospitality Management at the University of Surrey, and is passionate about exploring different cultures, pilates and the arts.

Tom Svensson is an acclaimed wildlife and conservation photographer and a regular judge of photography contests. He lives in Sweden, where he works with wildlife conservation at Nordens Ark. Tom regularly travels the world on assignments, to document anti-poaching initiatives and illegal trade of animals. Tom is a member of Canon's Explorers ambassador programme.

Bruce Weaver is a transmedia creator using new technology and web platforms for storytelling with motion and sound. A graduate of Vancouver Film School, he focuses on video shorts involving people, place, purpose and food. See and Twitter @BraveNewEarth

Bruce Weaver

Janine Duffy has been a wildlife guide for more than 20 years working in the grasslands, woodlands, rainforests and deserts of south-eastern Australia and the Northern Territory. She and her partner Roger started Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours in 1993. They also run the not-for-profit Koala Clancy Foundation – a charity set up to improve and create koala habitat.

Janine Duffy

Sarah Peled, born in Germany, lives with her husband and daughter in the Tanzanian bush, where they together designed, built and now run Tembo Kijani – an ecolodge that promotes conservation, environment protection and sustainable tourism.

Tom Walters

Tom Walters is owner and founder of We Go Wild UK, a group of like-minded individuals with a passion for the outdoors and the UK. They are outdoors every week and like to share their experiences, images and video with their readers, to inspire more people to find their own wilderness in an otherwise hectic world.

Jennifer (aka Dr. J) is an American expat living in Dublin, Ireland. She is a long-time Googler by day and long-time travel blogger by night and on weekends, holidays, and business trips! Since 2009, Sidewalk Safari has captured the local scene around Europe (and the world) one step at a time.

Paul Belz

Paul Belz is an environmental educator and writer based in Oakland, California, USA. Paul develops and teaches natural history workshops for preschool and school-age children. His articles and poetry have been published in a range of publications, as well as his blog. Paul is a keen traveler,  backpacker and camper. Twitter @PaulGBelz.

Caitlin Graaf has worked on sustainable tourism projects around the world, dedicating her career to improving the social and ecological impacts of travel. She holds a Master's in Tourism, Environment & Development from King's College London and a Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School Online. Connect with Caitlin on LinkedIn.

Ashley Fleming is a writer and editor who looks after the blogs at green ecard providers eCO2Greetings and Ecardshack. Ashley is based in the UK and writes about environmentalism and sustainability whenever possible. He likes to spend his free time walking and adventuring in the countryside.

Phil Munn left London some years ago to move to the Peak District for a better quality of life. He enjoys photography, sailing, travelling and meeting new people from all cultures. He enjoys independent travel and – if going on a group tour – always tries to choose a travel company where ethics and sustainable travel are a priority.

Dr Adrian Cooper is the founder of Felixstowe Community Nature Reserve. He is also author of Sacred Mountains: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Meanings, and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Chris Rowson is founder of eCO2 Greetings which provides the highest quality ecards with unrivalled eco benefits. Ten trees are planted with every ecard purchased.

Eric Philips has been exploring the Earth's polar regions since 1992. He is author of Icetrek. The Bitter Journey to the South Pole and his expeditions have produced four documentaries. He is founder and Director of Icetrek Expeditions and Equipment, and is President of the International Polar Guides Association.

Eric Philips

Izzy Bunting is a writer, photographer and climate activist who is passionate about travel, wildlife, environmental issues and history. She regularly contributes to Reflections – a Derbyshire lifestyle magazine – and provides many of the photographs for the Green Adventures website. Follow her on Twitter.

Penny Walker is the founder of The Adventure Creators, a niche tour operator based in the French Pyrenees. She is passionate about the wild and beautiful mountain environment of the Pyrenees, its flora and fauna as well as its culture, heritage and especially its gastronomy!

Penny Walker