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Welcome to Green Adventures Travel a magazine about exploring and protecting our amazing planet.

Responsible travel is a wonderful thing. It can be inspirational, educational and life-affirming. It can help us better understand and appreciate our world, its remarkable cultures and species, and its stunning landscapes.

We work with a global team of contributors to bring you stories from around the world. Some of our articles aim to inspire people to travel in a way that reduces their carbon emissions as much as possible; to travel in a responsible and sustainable way; and to consider environmental and cultural impacts.

Other articles are about enjoying travel experiences focused on nature, conservation, wildlife, heritage, culture, history and people’s wellbeing. And some are just about having fun!

Few travelling experiences are fully green. It is extremely difficult to travel without contributing to carbon emissions. And irresponsible travel and unrestrained tourism can have negative impacts – on people, wildlife and the planet. But by experiencing, learning about and engaging with our amazing planet, we can all make a positive difference – and have some great adventures at the same time.

Being carbon conscious

Being as carbon conscious as possible makes sense for us all. Other species – and natural wonders from the Great Barrier Reef to Mount Everest – are already being affected by climate change, while future generations would like the chance to enjoy and explore our wonderful world too.

Avoiding airplane travel whenever possible is one way to minimise carbon emissions. Travelling by rail and ferry journeys can be a far more environmentally-friendly option, as can a low-emissions car carrying three or more passengers.

But sometimes it’s hard or impossible to get from one place to another without expanding your carbon footprint. Whether or not you agree that it is possible to truly ‘offset’ carbon emissions, you can balance the environmental impact of your travels by supporting positive environmental and social projects. Visit ClimateCare for lots of inspirational ideas.

Eco-friendly places to stay

Choosing green places to stay on your travels can also make a big difference. Issues to consider when seeking green accommodation are energy-use; attitudes to water-use; use of locally sourced and seasonal food; approaches to recycling and attempts to avoid waste going to landfill; and support for public transport.

See our accommodation directory for a selection of quality, eco-friendly accommodation in the UK and Europe. We are continually adding new properties to this directory.

For more ideas, see Green Tourism and Green Key.

Penny Bunting

Editor Penny Bunting writes for various publications about travel, food, wildlife and the environment. Her articles have appeared in Scotland Outdoors, Resurgence & Ecologist, Earth Times and Daily Telegraph. She is Director of Little Green Space –  an award-winning project creating green spaces for people and wildlife, and encouraging sustainable living, protection of biodiversity and action to tackle climate change.

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Editor Richard Bunting is former Communications Director of Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights organization Amnesty International. He runs Communications & Campaigns International, a consultancy for good causes such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami Appeal, UNICEF, and acclaimed conservation charities. He has written for newspapers including New York Times, The Guardian and El Pais.